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FieldStack Release


I am the solo QA lead at FieldStack, and have the privilege of working directly with the development, operations, and technical support teams to create strong automated test suites. FieldStack is a robust point-of-sale Windows software that talks to Amazon Marketplace, clients’ web stores, and chains of client retail stores. It is based in C# and uses DevExpress.

For the release, I ran over 300+ regression tests in multiple suites. Due to the nature of our work at FieldStack, there are dozens of types of client transactions that can be handled by the software. Each of these types of transactions was created for the regression suites that I used for our build.

FieldStack Search Invoices

A piece of FieldStack

For Windows-based software test automation I use Ranorex. This allows me to create automated tests directly in the UI  that I can save and use later. Additionally, I create code blocks of C# for custom testing. During each build, for each new feature and each bug fix, a new test suite is created within the groups of regression test suites I have previously prepared.

Since joining FieldStack in January, I have had to build every regression test from scratch as I learned the software. Learning Ranorex and enough C# to write my own code initially seemed daunting, but with the help of my development team and Ranorex resources on the web I was able to create the foundation for our QA department at FieldStack.

Please feel free to read FieldStack’s official release notes for here.

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Apple Online Store 2016 iPhone 7 and 7 Plus Launch


Apple 2016 Product Launch

The latest Apple Online Store product launch began for our QA team in mid-August. We would consistently receive new web pages and web page updates that needed to be checked in 41 countries across hundreds of active pages on the website. I was on the team that focused on automated testing for Quality Assurance on the Apple Online Store, for iPhone 7/7 Plus, iPhone 6s/6s Plus updates, and iPhone SE AppleCare updates. This was across multiple segments in Education, Small Business, Corporate Business, and Consumer in multiple languages. We used Selenium2Library, RobotFramework and PhantomJS to automate our web store purchase flow. This involved the creation and maintenance of hundreds of robust test scripts we ran through and all its subsequent pages.

I was also involved in checking the native mobile iOS Apple Store App, and the new pages created by our Web Dev and Digital Content management teams. This was focused around iPhone as well. From purchase ability, to menus, to images, to copy, to design, I helped to manually QA each step of the way into cart on the iOS Apple Store App. This included clicking through hundreds of pages in all of the countries we are supporting, and looking in great detail at each piece in order to ensure a perfect customer experience. I did this for both the iPhone and iPad versions of the app.


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Apple Store App 4.0 Update


Apple Store App 4.0I am on a small Quality Assurance team that evaluated version 4.0 of the Apple Store App in July 2016. During this project, we were each assigned different sections of the application to manually click through and ensure an excellent user experience. This included following merchandising plans and other documentation as a reference.

I was able to assist with multiple accessories pages, Apple TV and Apple Watch pages, and check banners and design. I examined the pages in our 41 active app geolocations in a staging environment. I was also able to implement a checklist for our QA team that enabled everyone to perform their various segments successfully and on time.

It was a software QA project that I enjoyed, and I was able to contribute to our team’s organization and efficiency in a real logistic way. I learned not only how the Apple Store App is built, and functions in depth, but was able to implement the high standards I have been taught at Apple, to a greater degree.


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Sue Sheriff Jazz Website Update


Sue Sheriff JazzSue Sheriff has been a client of mine for several years, and her website had previously met her needs. She came to me in March 2016 and asked that we redo the website, as she was releasing a brand new jazz album. She wanted it to reflect the new album, the reviews she had received already, and the future events she had already booked.

Together we worked to add pages to showcase live videos of her songs, reviews of her new album, and more of her recent music. We began to add blog posts for her events, and news. We redid her entire site and added much of the content surrounding her new album.

For this project, I wanted to let Sue take the lead. Her music is her passion, and she loves to sing. I wanted this website to represent her, and the feel of her music. She chose her favorite colors, which also match her business card and the colors of her debut jazz album, and I matched them to the site. I was able to implement a clean design that points to the content, so that Sue and her wonderful jazz can be at the center focus.

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