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I am the solo QA lead at FieldStack, and have the privilege of working directly with the development, operations, and technical support teams to create strong automated test suites. FieldStack is a robust point-of-sale Windows software that talks to Amazon Marketplace, clients’ web stores, and chains of client retail stores. It is based in C# and uses DevExpress.

For the release, I ran over 300+ regression tests in multiple suites. Due to the nature of our work at FieldStack, there are dozens of types of client transactions that can be handled by the software. Each of these types of transactions was created for the regression suites that I used for our build.

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For Windows-based software test automation I use Ranorex. This allows me to create automated tests directly in the UI  that I can save and use later. Additionally, I create code blocks of C# for custom testing. During each build, for each new feature and each bug fix, a new test suite is created within the groups of regression test suites I have previously prepared.

Since joining FieldStack in January, I have had to build every regression test from scratch as I learned the software. Learning Ranorex and enough C# to write my own code initially seemed daunting, but with the help of my development team and Ranorex resources on the web I was able to create the foundation for our QA department at FieldStack.

Please feel free to read FieldStack’s official release notes for here.

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