Corissa Haury

Software & Website Quality Assurance

Technical Support

Basic Support

Corissa offers some basic support free of charge to customers. This includes any platform or plugin updates, or basic code error removal. If you would like to be notified when your site is updated by Corissa, please contact her here to sign up.

Please read the following in order to see which kinds of paid technical support available from Corissa.

Website Support

Website support is $55 per hour, and includes:

  • website content updates involving new content
  • new pages, new sidebar or widget code needed
  • Search Engine Optimization updates

Any site maintenance that takes more than 15 minutes and is not because of a hack or bug, but is merely for upkeep purposes, falls under this category.

Security Support

Security Support is $65 per hour, and includes:

  • security plugin updates
  • additional security precautions requested by the client
  • privacy control through passwords on pages
  • login control over the users you wish to add to your site

Any site maintenance that takes more than 10 minutes, and is related to keeping your site secure against hackers, spam comments, or login issues, falls under this category.

Billing for Support

Corissa will send you a detailed record of the hours she spent on your website during the support period. She will never go beyond an agreed upon time limit, unless she receives express written permission from the client via email. This record of hours will also come with an attached bill for the amount due. The client may pay online with Paypal or any major credit card, via personal check, or money order.