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Garden House Sober Living

Mobile Garden HouseGarden House Sober Living was a very special project. This is a sober house in Portland, Maine that reaches out to men in need and provides a safe space for them to grow as human beings. This is a place that can offer support for those in recovery, and it was a wonderful place to build a website for.

The design we decided one was one that was calm, and serene. It was key that we chose colors that appealed to someone and an image that could represent the peace that Garden House offers. Because Garden House does not have a brand image yet, we looked through some of my nature photography and chose an image that gave an aura of growth.

It was also important to create an accessible site, so I chose a responsive design for the site and for the intake form. This way any man with a mobile device can get on the website at the suggestion of a mentor or friend and apply.

There were many things that were important about this project, and I was able to successfully collaborate with multiple people at Garden House. We created a great online space to represent their physical place.

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