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Healing Hugs Website Launch


During January of 2018, I had the pleasure of helping a new client set up a website for her professional cuddling practice. She is based out of Cambridge, Massachusetts and specializes in platonic cuddle therapy after more than 8 years in home health care. You can find more information about what professional cuddling is and who it can benefit at her new website, Healing Hugs.

Healing Hugs Website

Healing Hugs Website

The Healing Hugs website required a one page layout that would make it easily responsive and readable on mobile. We also worked together to choose a clean, light color scheme that would be welcoming to any visiting users. The addition of some features like a working contact form, a confidentiality agreement, and basic information were included in the project. Tiffany chose to host with me on my current server at an annual rate lower than Square Space, which was her original platform.

This is a great example of a simple and basic website I can complete for any new or current clients. It did not take us longer than a month to put everything together, and get it launched. If you’re looking for something similar, feel free to take my free website evaluation to find out if working together would be a good fit for us.

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