Corissa Haury

Software & Website Quality Assurance

Apple Store App 4.0 Update


Apple Store App 4.0I am on a small Quality Assurance team that evaluated version 4.0 of the Apple Store App in July 2016. During this project, we were each assigned different sections of the application to manually click through and ensure an excellent user experience. This included following merchandising plans and other documentation as a reference.

I was able to assist with multiple accessories pages, Apple TV and Apple Watch pages, and check banners and design. I examined the pages in our 41 active app geolocations in a staging environment. I was also able to implement a checklist for our QA team that enabled everyone to perform their various segments successfully and on time.

It was a software QA project that I enjoyed, and I was able to contribute to our team’s organization and efficiency in a real logistic way. I learned not only how the Apple Store App is built, and functions in depth, but was able to implement the high standards I have been taught at Apple, to a greater degree.


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